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5/22/06 05:16 am - bevanmoth - ding +2

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4/8/06 11:08 am - ruthanolis - TRANSFERS!!!


From Eyonix —

Select Realm Character Transfers:

In our ongoing efforts to improve gameplay performance, as previously discussed here, we will be opening realm-to-realm character transfers from select normal (PvE) realms to new PvP realms (listed below) on April 10 at 3:00 AM PDT. The PvP destination realms will be operating on the new hardware at our new World of Warcraft site. The decision to transfer from PvE to PvP in this particular case was made in hopes of increasing the number of players seeking to transfer, which will in effect help us further disperse our population.

Players on these four realms will have the opportunity to transfer to the PvP realm Black Dragonflight:


Players on these four realms will have the opportunity to transfer to the PvP realm Dalvengyr:


The transfers are scheduled to close at 3:00 PM PDT on April 13. However, we urge any players who wish to transfer to do so at their earliest possible convenience, as transfers may be closed earlier than expected depending on volume. Please note that standard character creation will be disabled on the two destination realms until the transfer process has completed.

Also, as a reminder, our normal schedule for conducting character transfers between eligible realms is from 3:00 AM PDT to 3:00 PM PDT, Monday through Friday. That schedule will be in effect for as long as this upcoming transfer period remains active.

As more details become available, we will provide additional information about other such measures that we’re taking to address the performance issues that players on our high-population realms have been experiencing.

4/4/06 09:11 am - xyloart

Hello! I usually play on Cenarian Circle (RP, mostly alliance with a couple horde toons) and Spirestone (PvP, horde), but my friend has her toon on Hyjal, so I created one on Hyjal so I could spend some time with her occasionally (I don't get to see her much irl). Skybringer is my 18 Nelf Druid. Going feral with her so I can just have a little fun (I have a couple other druids but neither are feral).

Oh my gosh though; I knew Hyjal was a full server, and I've definitely felt the queue woes with Cenarian Circle (I don't even try to log on on a Saturday evening), but I was shocked to find queues on Hyjal even last night at midnight EST. And the mail takes so long! Over all though people seem to be friendly, and I've seen some really amusing guild names. :P I was shocked though when I took Skybringer to get her chicken pet from the saldean's and a gnome ran up and tried to take the egg! That's never happened to me before!

Overall though, like I said, everyone seems to be pretty friendly, and I'm enjoying my time so far. Hope to see you around!

3/29/06 03:38 pm - bevanmoth - Tier 0.5?

Musing on Tier 0 VS Tier 0.5 for druids.

WildheartFeralheartNet Gain
Bonus Damage/Healing077+77
Bonus Mana per 5 Seconds011+11

Worth it?

Does not include the set bonuses which are the same for both.

Edit: I've put together this same table for all the Tier 0 -> 0.5 comparisons for every class, which can be found here: http://o-tab.com/yawg/wow/tierhalf.html
You may discuss at your leisure.

3/22/06 01:25 am - bevanmoth - World of Burgercraft

This has been "borrowed" from the official forums. It was originally posted approximately a year ago, and reposted tonight.
It poses the question: What if Blizzard ran a burger joint?
(pasted wholesale from the forums, censorship and all)

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2/28/06 07:05 pm - bevanmoth - WoW - raid like FOX

This post contains rather large images (~200k each). Don't open the cuts if you are on a crappy net connection, or in a hurry.

Today I ventured to the Molten Core with the new guild i'm trying out for, "The Fabled".
We visited the FirelordCollapse )
But he doesn't play nice.Collapse )

So we left that side of the world, and went to a little place in Dustwallow Marsh.
Lady Prestor - not pleased to see usCollapse )
But we didn't take no for an answer.Collapse )

2/3/06 10:17 pm - ruthanolis - Welcome to Ahn'Qiraj!

Grats Hyjal!

We downed all 3 Colossal's tonight!
I look forward to nabbing all the loot from AQ's Ruins and Temple with you.

2/3/06 12:30 pm - ruthanolis - Good Evening Ahn'Qiraj!

Am I the only one who is finding this completely hysterical? =D

1/20/06 01:53 pm - tanookii - Mage Talents.

I just made another alt on Hyjal (Sadisma) and was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on what talents to go with. I was thinking frost as my main path- I like the idea of slowing down enemies from afar, then being able to blast 'em.

I also have a level forty-six warlock named Pandelion, on the same server, and two other alts.

1/17/06 04:36 pm - bevanmoth

Dissidence's rampage through MC continues.

We've downed Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas, Garr, and today Geddon.
(i haven't won anything else so far)

Working our way around to attempt Shazzrah now.

(btw - http://www.dissidence-wow.com/ is the guild website)
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