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Tonight on CSI: Kalimdor

[16:34:11] <@Jux> okay Yaugie, figure this one out
[16:34:24] <@Jux> the corpse of Fruitboot is mysteriously moving around the Barrens, but I never see him online
[16:34:51] <@Heavyarms> you two should start a crime lab
[16:35:04] <@Yaugie> CSI: Kalimdor
[16:35:21] <@Heavyarms> get warrants
[16:35:27] <@Heavyarms> to seize peoples combat logs
[16:35:32] <@Heavyarms> and analyze them
[16:35:43] <@Jux> "I've run log trace on that combat log"
[16:35:44] <@Yaugie> "This log places you at the scene of the duel"
[16:35:49] <@Jux> "The vanish failed"
[16:35:56] <@Jux> "I detected flash powder on your character"
[16:36:14] <@Yaugie> <witness> no ur a fgt
[16:36:28] <@Yaugie> "Sorry sir, but the facts don't lie. SOMEONE deployed a snake trap."
[16:37:08] <@Jux> "These snakes are level 15. Their maturation cycle is 10 levels in warm zones, placing them on the body 3 days after the time of death"
[16:37:23] <@Jux> "lol wutever gay"
[16:38:39] <@Yaugie> This week's CSI: Kalimdor, starring Holly Valance as Victim #2
[16:39:55] <@Yaugie> one episode could follow a trade deal with a huge marketer gone wrong
[16:40:05] <@Yaugie> we can just call him... Frostclown to get out of having to ask permission
[16:40:43] <@Jux> Frostdog?
[16:41:14] <@Jux> "60 witnesses in Alterac and none of them will speak"
[16:41:27] <@Yaugie> and of course it turns out that despite the immediate suspect becoming whatever the other massive AH trader hordeside is
[16:41:33] <@Yaugie> it was actually because of a jilted lover
[16:41:49] <@Yaugie> (it's ALWAYS a jilted lover)
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